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6-Faux Pas to Shun in any Social Media Campaign

How small businesses can spurn social media missteps. 6-lessons learned from leading brands for a successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign. As seen on the pages of Facebook and Twitter, high-efficiency social media is all in the content, execution, and brand continuity. These virtual interactions substantiate consumer loyalty. Comparable to the branding damage a gauche advertising campaign can render, a similar ethos applies to social media marketing (SMM). Some of the world’s iconic brands serve as the foundation of tactical social media marketing. Applicable to a small business or any-sized entity, a well-balanced SMM campaign has the capacity to propagate online cohorts. The magnitude of social media hinges on connecting with the target audience, and subsequently, those customers serving as an organic referral source. As the internet is rapidly becoming a beacon for the persnickety consumer, armed with an arsenal of review sites (for example: Yelp, Angie’s List, Tripadvisor), loyalty is an invaluable commodity. Using positive and negative examples of effectual social media marketing, here are six blunders a small business should avoid making in SMM. NEVER: Disregard customer service. At The Search Equation, SEO expert Steve Mitchell describes how Delta Airlines applied social media marketing to transform its reputation. Amid consumer complaints regarding exorbitant airfares, luggage fees, and customer dissatisfaction plagued the Atlanta-based airline carrier. Mr. Sernovitz emphasized that Delta’s interaction with its passengers integrating social media, enabled the major airline carrier to manage its reputation, resuscitating an infected brand into a trustworthy, consumer conscientious name in air travel. Delta gave its customer service representatives the autonomy to manage travelers’ questions via social media 24-hours a day. The tenet is to sustain interactive communications. Also, incorporate consumer feedback to improve product offerings, enhancing the experience with the brand. DON’T: Initiate idol chatter. Appeal to each unique target market. Consider the customer, client or prospective new consumers’ interests. The crux of social media marketing is to attract, retain and cultivate new consumers and clients. Segment content to suit each social network’s distinctive audience. Some brands apply social media, using advertising speak. This tends to repel and defeat the purpose of social media marketing. Consumers, who religiously use Twitter and Facebook, are irresponsive to such marketing malarkey. Instead, a smorgasbord of topics- discussing current issues, providing useful information and offering loyalty reward programs, as well as other engaging multimedia scores the most “friends” and “followers.” Gap’s Facebook and Twitter social media pages portray a precise prototype of the well-rounded SMM campaign. Consumers are privy to new fashion trends, video links on...

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